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5 Myths About Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is becoming a more popular type of flooring due the natural and classic look it can offer your home. However, despite all the benefits a hardwood floor can offer a home, there are many myths surrounding its use as a sustainable flooring solution. There are many different styles of wooden flooring on the market, but as with any product, there are good and bad quality products. Hardwood flooring is different to the previously more common types of wooden flooring such as laminate flooring. Hardwood flooring is designed with sustainability in mind and is likely to last as long as any carpet in a home.

Below are five of the most common myths surrounding hardwood flooring and we aim to disprove those myths that have been created to put consumers off hardwood flooring.

  • Hardwood flooring is difficult to clean – Hardwood flooring is no more difficult to clean than any other type of flooring including carpet. There are various cleaning products on the market that have been designed specifically for hardwood flooring to both clean and protect your floor. However, you do not have to buy specific hardwood products, as long as you use a cleaner that is diluted and does not contain anything that is likely to damage the surface then it will be fine. As with any cleaning products, it is always best to do a test clean on a part of the floor that cannot be seen.
  • There are limitations on colour of hardwood flooring – The colour options available with hardwood flooring are vast. Depending where you buy your hardwood flooring from, there are a variety of finishes, stains and woods available. From maple to oak as well as beach, mahogany and pine, there should be no reason why you cannot find a hardwood flooring to go with your decor.
  • Hardwood flooring is not eco friendly – There are many who will tell you that hardwood flooring is not eco friendly and is detrimental to the environment. There are many suppliers of hardwood flooring that operate an eco friendly ethos by ensuring they only purchase from suppliers who conserve forests by replacing every tree used.
  • Hardwood flooring will leave you with gaps in your flooring – There are types of flooring that are more likely to be affected but temperature change and humidity. As a result these types of hardwood flooring will shrink and expand with those changes. However, you are only likely to see gaps appearing in your flooring if it is incorrectly installed. To allow for the potential shrinking and expansion a gap should be left around the edge of your floor which is normally concealed with flat or bevelled edging.
  • Hardwood flooring is very expensive – As with any flooring solution, there is a wealth of price ranges to choose from. Hardwood flooring does not have to be expensive. It is possible to have high quality hardwood flooring installed by a professional for the same amount as you would pay for any other flooring solution if not cheaper.
Hard wood flooring

Solid Hard Wood Flooring v Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has become one of the most popular styles of domestic flooring but has also been used in commercial buildings. Hardwood flooring is a great feature for any style of home from the most modern to the most traditional and can also look stylish in offices and receptions. Available in a range of different timbers and finishes, hardwood flooring will go with any style of decor. However, there are various types of hardwood flooring and it can be confusing to know what the differences are. The most common types of hard wood flooring are solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring, both of which are high quality wood floor solutions.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring essentially offers the same flooring solution as solid hardwood flooring but it is the manufacturing process that separates these two types of wooden flooring. Engineered hardwood flooring is created with a very different manufacturing process. Each section of wood will contain sections of around 3 -5 pieces of hardwood which is layered to create one solid section.

Unlike some hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring is not susceptible to shrinking and expanding from humidity. The unique manufacturing process renders it resistant to water and humidity making it ideal for both commercial and domestic installation.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Unlike engineered hardwood flooring, solid wood flooring is made up of only one single section of hardwood with a much greater thickness than the layers used in engineered hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood flooring is very common in domestic installations but is commonly affected by shrinking and expanding under different temperatures. However, this does not make the flooring any more unsuitable for domestic or commercial installation. Solid hardwood flooring is normally fitted to take the shrinking and swelling into consideration with a small gap being left around the sides of a room. This gap is normally concealed by different styles of skirting that will allow for the movement in the flooring.

Unlike engineered hardwood flooring, solid wood flooring is made up of only one single section of hardwood with a much greater thickness than the layers used in engineered hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood flooring is very common in domestic installations but is commonly affected by shrinking and expanding under different temperatures. However, this does not make the flooring any more unsuitable for domestic or commercial installation. Solid hardwood flooring is normally fitted to take the shrinking and swelling into consideration with a small gap being left around the sides of a room. This gap is normally concealed by different styles of skirting that will allow for the movement in the flooring.

The Impact of Well Designed Flooring

You may not even notice how much but well designed flooring has a massive impact on the environment it is in. Flooring designers and manufacturers spend a considerable amount of time carefully considering each floor they design and how it can impact an environment for the best. There are many considerations to make, from aesthetics to safety as well as hygiene, simplicity and suitability. No matter what industry you are in, you want a floor that offers you longevity, safety, hygiene and more importantly something that looks professional, clean and fits with the rest of your area design.

When it comes to an office, you want the flooring to offer warmth, safety but to look stylish and fitting. Whether you have a modern office or a more traditional look, the flooring can affect the whole look of an office. There has also been evidence to suggest that when it comes to office flooring, it can have an effect on your employees work. Reports have shown that a well designed flooring product that fits well with the environment can increase an employee’s productivity. A depressing colour, damaged or tatty flooring can impact the atmosphere of an office space. Employees are likely to care less about their work if there is little care taken for the environment they work in.

When it comes to other areas such as hospitals, hygiene and safety has to be at the forefront of flooring design. For a hospital, there is no question that they need a well designed floor. Altro safety flooring is the most preferred style of flooring found in hospitals. This flooring is so advanced that it offers hospitals a flooring that is easy to clean, decreases the ability for bacteria to grow, is completely safe and hygienic. This type of floor design is highly scientific and requires far more considerations that that of an office flooring. Designers are responsible for creating something that meets incredibly high standards as failure to do this could prove fatal.

At C & C Flooring based in Redditch, we understand the impact that high quality flooring can have on an environment and that is why we supply only the best quality flooring for our customers. Our skilled and professional team can help you to decide on what floor is best for your space no matter what the environment is. If you are interested in flooring that gives the right impact then contact us today.

The Benefits of Resin Flooring

Resin flooring has become a popular choice of flooring for not only the industrial sector but now also many other areas. This type of flooring has advanced in recent years to now offer an ideal flooring solution to a wealth of areas including;

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centres
  • Superstores
  • Airports
  • Restaurants
  • Fast food outlets
  • Public bathrooms
  • Bars and nightclubs

There was a time when resin flooring was unpopular as a choice for flooring as it lacked any real design. Most resin flooring was of a dull colour and it lacked inspiration and innovation. However, over recent years the flooring has advanced and as a result the demand for resin flooring is at an all time high.

There are endless benefits associated with having a resin floor installed regardless of what the industry setting is. Below are some of the key benefits that you can expect from purchasing resin flooring.

  • Hygiene – Resin floorings are incredibly easy to clean but because of the impervious surface, it is incredibly difficult for bacteria to survive and breed on the surface. This makes the flooring a hygienic flooring solution for areas such as hospitals, schools, dentists, restaurants and kitchens. The flooring is seamless which leaves no place for bacteria to hide or for water to become trapped. Depending upon the size of the area, specialist machines can be used to clean resin flooring quickly and effectively.
  • Durability – Due to the way that resin flooring is manufactured, it is incredibly strong and durable. With a tough and compressive strength, the surface will remain protected against any objects that may come into contact with it including high heels which are renowned for damaging many other flooring solutions.
  • Safety – Resin floorings are safe to use in almost any environment. The surface is not only impervious but it is also resistant to most chemicals. It is therefore an ideal flooring solution for any industry where hazardous chemicals may be in use. Resin flooring is also highly recommended by the HSE as it offers a non-slip surface giving employees and the public a far safer environment.
  • Design flexibility – As well as being hygienic and durable, resin floors are now available in an array of colours and styles. With patterned designs and a range of colours, the flooring can also incorporate a large amount of aggregates such as granite, glass and even marble. This new flexibility in design options has led to an increased demand for resin flooring.
  • Low maintenance– Other than cleaning your floor on a regular basis, resin flooring is incredibly low maintenance. Your flooring should last you for years to come and will require little to no maintenance because of its durability.

What is Resin Flooring and Why Would I need it?

Resin flooring, quite simply, is the use of either synthetic resin or chemically modified natural resin products as a material for flooring. When it is laid out upon a surface such as concrete, steel, or tiling, the resin combines with the surface beneath to form one layer. Once the concrete has been treated correctly and the resin placed upon it the two surfaces become one inseparable layer. Originally the use of resin products to form floor surfaces was limited to industrial spaces such as factory shop-floors and warehouses. However, increasingly resin flooring is being used for large spaces within public buildings and within domestic settings.

Resin flooring provides a highly durable and tough surface that can take knocks and a considerable amount of wear and tear whilst showing little or no ill effect. The resin is resistant to spills of many chemicals such as acids, oils, and petrol, and owing to the resin being seamless and lacking cracks and joins there will be no liquids escaping down beneath the resin layer. Once placed down the resin floor can take a high amount of stress and bear considerable loads, making it perfect for industrial settings where large and heavy machinery may be employed. Similarly, school laboratories and computer rooms where large installations will be used have benefitted from the laying of resin floors, as have restaurants and bars where there is a considerable amount of foot traffic. This makes resin flooring a highly cost-effective solution over the long-term, much more effective for businesses or anyone working to a tight budget than carpeted or tiled surfaces.

The seamless nature of resin flooring enables it to cover large open-spaces with ease such as galleries or showrooms, and carries the further advantage over carpet or tiling that there are few areas in which dirt and harmful bacteria can fester and grow. This makes resin flooring a hygienic option as it can easily be wiped clean or steam-cleaned. Hospitals have been particularly keen to install resin surfaces to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria within the building. Bars, restaurants, and domestic kitchens, where hygiene is at a premium, may also benefit from this characteristic of resin flooring.

Resin flooring can also be highly attractive and affords a purchaser room to influence the design and finish of their floor surface. C&C Flooring can provide resin floors with a variety of finishes: from glossy to more textured, and from elaborate colour schemes to more plain and conservative designs. Patterns can be incorporated with logos and images to suit the client. This may come in useful for open office-spaces or corporate trading floors where an idiosyncratic logo and tag-line are important for visitors to the site.

Commercial Flooring Roundup-Different Options Available for Your Floor

When purchasing commercial flooring there are a multitude of factors to take into account and consider: from whether the surface is appropriate for the type of business your run; the extent of your budget; the size of the floor to be covered; to whether a more elaborate design is required or a more utilitarian, hard-wearing floor is needed. There are a variety of commercial flooring options available, and C&C Flooring can provide a highly experienced design and installation service to meet your needs.

Vinyl tiles can be a good option and are especially popular in commercial environments such as hotels, office corridors, schools, and reception areas. The designs on vinyl flooring can imitate a wide variety of surfaces: woods such as oak, walnut, and pine can be mimicked, as well as stones such as slate or marble. Along with reproducing the effect of such natural materials vinyl flooring carries the advantage of being produced from highly sustainable products. Slip-resistance technology means that vinyl floors are also safe even when wet, and can be effective in areas such as shops and reception areas where people may bring water in from outside. C&C Flooring have worked closely in the past with suppliers such as Karndean who offer luxury vinyl floors in a variety of thicknesses and finishes dependent on the durability needs of the individual client.

Carpets and carpet tiles offer another option for commercial flooring: once more a wide variety of colour schemes and textures are available, from simple, hard-wearing pile to more elaborate and luxurious designs. Carpet and carpet tiles carry the benefit to the client of affording scope to influence the design process and produce an idiosyncratic and individual finish. This can be highly useful to corporate clients looking to impress visitors to their head-offices, or shops and businesses just looking for a unique design. Traditional and grander patterns can be created if necessary, or more durable weaves employed for areas of heavy foot-traffic.

Resin flooring has long been associated with industrial units, but is another good option for commercial settings and public buildings. Resin flooring consists of synthetic or chemically modified natural resins lain onto treated concrete so that the two layers become one. It offers a highly durable solution, so can withstand heavy machinery and loads being placed upon it, and is resistant to chemical spills. Increasingly resin flooring is being used in schools and some office-spaces where the option to incorporate company logos or particular corporate colour schemes is highly valued. Resin flooring is also seamless and highly hygienic as there are no seams or joins between tiles in which germs and bacteria can fester. It is therefore an attractive option for medical facilities and hospitals where hygiene is vital.

Altro Safety Flooring is one further option: it is again a highly durable and slip-resistant surface constructed by mixing flexible vinyl with slip-resistant grains. Altro flooring contains a built-in cleaning system that prevents the spread of bacteria. Therefore it carries the benefits of being both safe and hygienic. Increasingly Altro flooring is being used in office-spaces, industrial units, and retail outlets where a cost-effective, hard-wearing floor that is easy to keep clean is required. It is also ideal for commercial sectors such as healthcare, hospitality, and leisure facilities.

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