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Monday, November 18, 2019

Why it is Necessary for Hospitals to use Hygienic Wall Cladding

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It has become a sad reality that going into hospital carries a worry for many of being treated for one ailment at the same time as developing a serious infection due to conditions within the hospital. Healthcare runs the risk of becoming a vicious circle to patients: they cannot leave hospital until rid of infection, but staying in hospital heightens the risk of further complications. According to the Department of Health one in ten patients acquires a healthcare-associated infection; those who pick up infections whilst in hospital end up staying in for three times as long as other patients.

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Cleaning Wall Cladding and Safety Flooring

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Hygienic wall cladding and safety flooring provides clients with a surface that is attractive, durable and hard-wearing, watertight, and anti-bacterial. There are no seams or grouting into which bacteria, harmful microbes, and dust and dirt can find places in which to multiply and fester, whilst wall cladding can mould itself around wall fixtures and fittings such as plugs and light switches to prevent germs from congregating and being transferred from hand-to-hand. For these reasons hygienic wall cladding and safety flooring have become increasingly popular within public buildings that see large numbers of people passing through and where hygiene standards are vitally important such as leisure facilities, office spaces, restaurants, and especially hospital and care facilities. Once the wall cladding or safety flooring has been installed a good cleaning regime is important to look after your flooring and wall surfaces.

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Hygienic Wall Cladding versus Traditional Wallpaper

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Hygienic wall cladding is increasingly popular within offices, retail units, schools, industrial areas, and hospitals. Traditional wallpaper is losing its appeal beyond the domestic setting: but what are the actual pros and cons of the two options? Here are a few suggestions on the relative advantages and disadvantages of the two options.

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What makes Altro hygienic wall cladding so beneficial?

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Hygienic wall cladding is a revolutionary product designed to offer hygiene and protection in a range of environments from restaurant kitchens to hospitals and schools. Altro hygienic wall cladding uses innovative anti-bacterial technology that is designed to offer the most at risk environments the highest level of protection.

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What is hygienic wall cladding?

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Similar to safety flooring, hygienic wall cladding is a great alternative to conventional wall tiles or paint that can harvest germs and make a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Hygienic wall cladding offers a seamless finish which is partly why it is so hygienic. As well as being completely hygienic, hygienic wall cladding also offers you a functional and decorative wall solution and is available in a variety of colours to suit your environment.

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