The Most Impressive Floors in the World

If you are looking for a floor design that will really inspire you, why not take a look at the most impressive floors in the world? Emulating this exactly will perhaps not be possible, but it should be sufficient to give you an idea of what can be done with a little bit of imagination.

Black Paint Splatters

Imagine having a beautiful, pristine, white floor. It is so white that it reflects and you could even use it as a mirror. Now imagine grabbing a bucket of black paint and simply splattering it all over that stunning white floor. The effect is amazing, particularly if you have a retro or minimalistic house.

Turquoise Power

If you really want to be daring, you could go for the turquoise power design that is getting increasingly popular. Here, you need a wooden floor and a whole lot of high gloss turquoise floor paints in various shades. What some people do is get several buckets of the same floor paint and then add some whites to some of the tins and some purple or black to add to others. Then simply paint each of the wood lines in your floor in a different colour of turquoise. This stripy design is really bright and in your face, which means that you do have to think hard about the rest of your furniture. Pure whites, stainless steels and glass work very well with this.

See Through Floor

In one apartment block, the penthouse apartment has been totally transformed. Above the disused lift shaft now sits the high tech bathroom of the most expensive apartment. The floor, however, is a piece of strong Perspex, which allows users to look down into the shaft as they use the toilet, bath or shower. It is a surreal experience that allows you to look down hundreds of feet, as if walking on air.

Hemmendorf Floor Design

The Hemmendorf floor design is increasing in popularity. Essentially, it requires a wood floor, white floor paint, black floor paint, a really steady hand and a good artistic flair. Simple paint all the floorboards white and trace patterns of wood, flowers, crocodiles, leaves, cooking utensils and many other designs on them. It is a gorgeous design that really stands out. What is most interesting about this design is that it goes with almost any home furnishing, from classical to retro and from vintage to modern.